CuSAG Student Associates Application

One of the primary goals of CuSAG is to provide anthropological and related knowledge and skills to those involved in community based initiatives at the local, state, regional, national, and international levels. This goal is achieved primarily through CuSAG Associates. This Student Associate Application Form is for use by those in degree awarding educational programs (undergraduate and graduate) who might be interested in becoming a CuSAG Student Associate. In the review of this application CuSAG staff will be assessing the applicant’s expertise and experience in knowledge or skill areas similar or related to those outlined in CuSAG Programs or Areas of Expertise. Applicants without the desirable expertise and/or experience may eventually be awarded Student Associate status by taking one or more CuSAG related courses to enhance their skill or knowledge base, or they may be awarded such status through probationary volunteer work with CuSAG.

Fill out only those lines that are applicable. Thank you for your interest in CuSAG.

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Topical Skills (Training, Research, Program Planning, Program Evaluation, ETC.)

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