The University of Maryland’s Department of Anthropology and the Cultural Systems Analysis Group Present:
CuSAG’s Brown Bag Lunch Series on
Applied Urban Ethnographic and Community Health Sciences

Dr. Whitehead

November 12, 2009. 12 – 1:30 PM
Department of Anthropology, 1102 Woods Hall, University of Maryland College Park

Tony L. Whitehead, PhD
 Professor of Anthropology and Director of CuSAG

 “An Introduction to the Series and CuSAG’s Ongoing and Planned Programs in Applied Urban Ethnographic and Community Health Sciences”


This is a new CuSAG initiative with several goals in mind:

  1. To give greater visibility to the creativity and value that ethnography can bring to our understanding of urgent health and social issues and to the development of programs to address such issues;
  2. To share the innovative ways that anthropologists, and others have applied ethnography, particularly in urban and complex human situations;
  3. To bring “scientific” rigor and a level of standardization to the study of socio-cultural contexts, processes and meaning systems in health and other social issues; and
  4. to move towards the development of a consortium structure focused on applied urban ethnographic and community health sciences.

While CuSAG’s present focus is on the complexity of urbanization and urban issues, ethnographers who work in non-urban areas are also contributing to what we would like to see as the emerging field of ethnographic sciences, and thus are invited to be presenters in this series, and members of the consortium structure that emerges from it. Similarly, other community health researchers who are not ethnographers, but would like to see ethnography become a part of their research activities, are also welcome. Representatives from public agencies, policy makers, community based organizations, and potential funders interested in community health issues are welcomed as well.
In this first presentation of the series, Professor Whitehead will provide an introduction to the series and follow that with a discussion of CuSAG’s current, ongoing, and developing programs in Applied Ethnographic and Community Health Sciences. 

- This presentation is the first of a series.


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