Capital Black Belt
The "Capital Black Belt"

See a larger map focusing on the DC metropolitan area here (PDF), and its relationship to the Baltimore-Washington Urban Corridor here (PDF).


The Capital Black Belt is an area encompassing the eastern half of Washington, DC and the surrounding communities in Prince George's County, Maryland whose population is predominantly (at times exceeding 90%) African American. The residents of these neighborhoods, while forming distinct communities, move between them and back and forth across the District of Columbia-Maryland border, resulting in a contiguous culture area.

Many of these neighborhoods have indicators that classify them as "underserved," but also a variety of community-based assets that provide services that are targeted at addressing the specific challenges faced by their residents.

CuSAG's community and neighborhood ethnography examines both the needs/challenges and the assets existing in the community to address them, and seeks to assist community partners enhance their efforts through evidence-based evaluation.


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